Robert Novak- RIP- FU

AUGUST 19, 2009

The “Prince of Darkness”.


 “The troll under the bridge of American journalism.” As described by fellow ass-wipe conservative pundit, Morton Kondrake from “The McLaughllin Group”.


A regular comic, he once complained that his Thanksgiving dinner had been ruined by seeing so many homeless people on television.


He was a Jew who hedged his bets and converted to Catholicism, in 1998.  Senator Patrick Moynihan of New York, who attended the event remarked, “Well, we’ve now made Bob a Catholic. The question is, Can we make him a Christian?” 


Oh, and remember that thing about ratting out a CIA officer?


I have no brilliant visual pun to offer here, a la the Master, Steve Brodner.  I never had a chance to draw Novak for print- came close a couple times over the years but the ideas got dropped- so all I have is a drawing I did tonight while taking a break from a private commission.   He had the visual ugliness, an ugliness that reflected his soul, that is a caricaturist’s dream come true.