What A Horse's Ass

AUGUST 30, 2009
It seemed like a good idea to get a little warm up practice doing on the spot drawing again as I would be on assignment for the United States Air Force Art Program at Pope AFB/Fort Bragg the first week of September drawing military training. My time has been quite constricted of late but I managed to squeeze a few hours in of live drawing at the Washington County Fair up here in New York State. It seemed like a great place to go. Ironically, I found myself not concentrating on the people- but rather the animals. It was probably a political decision as well. The most interesting people at the fair were definitely not the ones to be amused by my drawing them. There were body shapes that I couldn't make up in my imagination and, God knows, there were a lot of them up here. But the animals were great. Horses are magnificent creatures to look at any time, but Clydesdales are in a class all their own. They’re monsters, gorgeous, muscular monsters. And these country fairs have plenty to look at as there are so many competitions for best horse, ox, cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, etc. I did what I could with the limited time I had to spare at the fair. Some drawings turned out kind of nice. It didn’t take long to realize how much time could be spent expanding out from the main focus in the drawing to get all that was around. But that will have to wait till next year. Just loving the paper quality that moleskin pads afford. There’s no sense of resistance to the flow of the pencil line, and subtleties in tone seem to be realized better than on most other paper I’ve been working with of late. It’s just too bad that they don’t make 11x14 inch or 14x17 inch pads. Even so, I suspect that they will play a major part down at the military base. See you folks in a week.
Never really realized how much the hips sway on a horse when it shifts its weight to another leg. Almost looked funny.
So many split seconds action poses. Good practice, not always good results. This caught some of the energy of a resisting cow.
Livestock judge. Very intense character. Took his job seriously.
A country singer who accompanied her husband. From Tennessee. They were okay, but not enough to buy one of their home made CDs.