The GOP'S Dirty War

MARCH 11, 2010
  Another set of illustrations for ROLLING STONE.  This time the National Affairs feature was double teamed with writing by Tim Dickinson, who did the main portion and Matt Taibbi putting in a few choice words of suggestion about strategy for Obama.  Will any of it be heard?  Who can tell.   In politics it seems the loudest and most persistent voices win out whether they deserve to or not.  The GOP, for a minority party, ironically continues to control and direct the public debate (and I use the term ‘debate’ very loosely and facetiously) on all current legislation as if this were still 2003.  The Democrats have proven to be every bit as ineffective, compromised, and corrupt as many of us feared, even in the middle of the hoopla of the 2008 election results.  The pronouncements of the collapse of the right wing were premature and more indicative of wishful thinking than anything else.

 In the current issue with Shaun White on the cover.  Worth the read.

Some sketches/ideas that didn't make it for the spots.
A drawing that was all set to go to color when I admitted to myself that Obama's face just didn't look right and that regardless of the hour I was doin' it over.
Better, and a beanie added to the brat to keep it consistent with the opener.
The opener.
The approved sketch. Obama to look less angry/disciplinarian and more frustrated adult.
Kid peeing in plant pot- good. Pooping in drawer- no good. But funny.