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Another Rolling Stone at S.I.

AUGUST 23, 2011

This oldie was my first assignment for Rolling Stone, for the January 18, 2001 issue. It’s being included in the group show of illustrations from the Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review show at the Society of Illustrators from September 1 – October 22. Here’s a little background on how this job came about:
I was in NY for one of the American Illustration weekends that included visits to illustrator’s studios and a few designer/art director workplaces. I jumped at the chance to go to RS and meet the legendary Fred Woodward. After his presentation, I handed him a packet of samples of my work, as did a bunch of other attendees. Later that evening, I saw him at another AI event and mustered up the courage to talk to him. He surprised me by saying he had looked at my work and liked it. Maybe it was my statement that my teenage son would go ape if his dad were published in RS but about 3 weeks later, Fred called my studio and asked if I was “doing anything over the next week or so.” Senior Art Director Gail Anderson took over after that, but I remember I was walking on a cloud for a while. One of the cool things about this profession is getting to meet and sometimes work with the people you admire most. This job was an example of that.
Apparently, Jann Wenner liked the illustration too, because he purchased the original. SI tried valiantly to track it down for the show but Mr. Wenner had given it to Erykah Badu. Nice to know that it’s in good hands but I was kind of looking forward to seeing the original again because I haven’t seen it since I finished painting it. There will be a digital print in place of the original.