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Figure 1 and Figure 2

JUNE 5, 2013

Here are two more paintings from a series that began in the printmaking studio of Julia Talcott in 2009 and were posted here. Those initial prints suggested to me that they would also work as paintings. I completed the first one in 2011 and posted it here. Since this is an not income-producing project, I work on it in my spare time, but now I have the added incentive of a gallery show scheduled for this month. I’ll hang a few of them there, but it will be awhile before I finish the total of 20 I have sketches for. I’m having fun with them.

For those who need to know what they “mean”, they are simply visual metaphors combining the beauty, grace and flexibility of the human form and the equally supple and graceful reptilian form. It wasn’t my intention to allude to anything sexually suggestive, but any imagery with women and snakes will unavoidably seem like a reference to Eve and the concept of original sin. The collages of rope will, I suppose,  reinforce the phallic symbol aspect, but here again, I just liked the way the shapes of the knots mirrored the main elements. More to come...