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Give the Students Some

JANUARY 31, 2010
Self Portrait #1
In the spirit of the invitation extended to me by Scott Bakal to be on one of the jury panels for the Student Scholarship Competition at the Society of Illustrators this Friday, I thought I’d post some work by one of my favorite students, my son Thomas. Tom is currently a senior at Cooper Union. I’ll be judging college-level work, but since I don’t have many scans of his more recent art, I’ll post some work he did in high school, starting with a self-portrait he did freshman year, circa age 15. In my unbiased opinion, he was good even then. He attended an excellent private high school, Cambridge School of Weston, that is strong academically and in the creative arts. He owes a lot to the talented and dedicated art faculty and great facilities at the school.

Abstract #1 (Part of a series)
There’s not much chance he’ll follow in his dad’s footsteps down the illustration path. He’s more interested in installations, video and performance art. But maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t want him beating me out of any jobs. Despite his leanings toward conceptual and abstract art, he can still draw like hell.
Figure Study
Reclining Nude
Self Portrait #2
Portrait of a Woman
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