Whether you make it or not is never about talent. message to the aspiring artists January 14 “Can you tell who’s going to make it in your class?” I sometimes get this big question. And... 15 influences, that stick with you, FOREVER. April 10 This is a re-posting from my personal blog. I was initially not goint to post this here, but then again, thought it... Chris Buzelli interview August 31 Labor Day is quickly approaching, and it is time for another school year. All the art kids out there, wanna read... Brian Rea interview June 20 I have been interviewing fellow illustrators and introducing them to Japanese audience through ILLUSTRATION Magazine... Grand Central Terminal March 3 It will be a while till you will start seeing them at subway stations in New York, but I just got my copy of the... introducing Benjamin Güdel May 13 I was stuck in my studio all last weekend working, so I started chatting with my friend and Swiss based illustrator... do you know Yunmee Kyong? April 8 You don't know Yunmee Kyong's work? You are missing out a lot. But that's no more. The latest on my... Life Imitating Illustration, or… December 18 … or just a total coincidence? Two funny encounters this week. 1. CENTRAL PARK IN THE SNOW I pick up... Josh Cochran Interview November 8 Interviewing Tim O'Brien September 3 I don’t miss at all my 11 years of corporate life before going back to art school. But it was not all bad... Art, Fame and Money. August 2 I was in shock this morning reading the New York Times article about the current financial situation of Ms. Annie... Swine Flu? Drug War? What’s That???? A Guide to a Sophisticated Travel to Mexico June 9 21 years ago, I landed in Mexico for the first time, to a small town of Merida. I took long mini-bus rides, busses... how is Armory Show doing in this economy? March 6 My studio-mate Marcos Chin and I ran to the Armory Show on the opening day. Dow is in the 6000’s, GM on the verge...
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