Ross MacDonald
A Helping Hand to New York's Neediest
We were spared the horror of witnessing scenes like this in building lobbies all over Manhattan when the impending doorman's strike was narrowly averted last wednesday. The residents of Park Avenue penthouses - already reeling from the volcanic disruption which grounded flights to Monte Carlo and caused disastrous shortages of Christian Louboutin pumps - would have been reduced to (brace yourselves) opening doors ... themselves!
In the spirit of giving for which the New York Times is famous, they ran a piece by Wendell Jamieson last Monday titled In Event of a Strike, How to Open the Doors.
You can read it here:

Here's the gist:
Someone leaving his or her building should follow these steps:
Approach door.
Grasp knob with right hand if right-handed, left hand if left-handed.
Turn knob until you hear a clicking sound.
Using free hand, push door. You have now created a large vertical opening.
Step through opening smartly. Do not delay — to do so could result in physical injury.
Continue on your way: the door will close by itself. There is no need to pull it closed.
Thanks to inimitable art director John Macleod for a great gig, and for the opportunity to help, in some small way, to avert a looming catastrophy. I did this illustration Monday morning and it was on the Cityroom blog that afternoon, and in the following morning's paper. Just shows what can be done when we all pitch in to help the needy.

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