Ross MacDonald
An Honor Indeed

I've done some temporary tattoo designs, and occasionally during my mispent youth I scratched a few jailhouse style tats on my own sorry hide, but until today I've never had the thrill of seeing one of my illustrations as a real tattoo. I did a cover design and illustration last year for Marilyn Johnson's This Book is Overdue, and today my friend, Harper Collins art director Milan Bozic, sent me this photo.
The book is an exploration of the changing roles of libraries and librarians in the digital age. It's basically a love song to the modern librarian, and this lady - I can only assume she's a librarian - is obviously loving the book right back.
(just got a comment from the person in the photo - her name is Jennifer O'Donnell, and she is a librarian)
Here's the book cover. The publisher requested that the super-librarian be holding a kindle-type device, but the tattooee obviously felt a librarian should be holding a book. I couldn't agree more.

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