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Where are they now?

JANUARY 31, 2012

Remember this guy? Life seems a little more hollow somehow since he dropped out. Watching his latest gaffs on the news every night gave me reason to go on living...

And her? Who's going to bring that little bit of crazy into my world now that she's gone?

Oh yeah - that's who! At least this guy is still around, although all he seems to do now is look on bemusedly while Mitt and Newt futilely try to out-dick each other.
It's hard now to believe that the torture will ever end, but I've been told that in a few months or weeks - that will no doubt feel like decades - one of these  "individuals" will be crowned as the finest that the Republican party has to offer. Then the real fun begins! To the fictional construct that they've already created of our current President - that Saul Alinsky worshiping godless European socialist - they will add further layers of fibs, fabrications, falsifications, invention, artifice, perfidy, pretense, deceit, mendacity, half-truths, prevarications, and lies, lies, lies!
These pieces ran way way back in the January issue of Vanity Fair. Thanks to the magnanimous David Kamp, whose idea I borrowed and whose text I stole from copiously.