Ross MacDonald
Ribs, anyone?
So far this year I've done props/set design work on 4 movies and 3 tv shows. Most of the time I can't share anything from the movies I work on until they near their release date. Eastwick just aired on ABC, but, having watched the first episode, I'm not sure that I'm ready to admit that I worked on it. I just shipped this prop to the set of Cook's Country TV. Great show - they're shooting their next season up in Vermont. This is the third chart I've done for them - they're like the classic school room pull-down charts. The best part about this gig? You guessed it - the reasearch! Next up - pork ribs. Yum!

The spring rollers for these aren't ordinary window-blind hardware. They're heavy duty map rollers and mounts. The springs are so strong that I have to ship the pieces with the spring unwound, or it could shatter or explosively unwind. Explosive unwinding sounds good but it's a bad thing as far as spring rollers are concerned.

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