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First Letterpress of 2010

JANUARY 6, 2010
Over Christmas and New Years I worked on a fun gig for Steve Banks at Los Angeles magazine, for a travel piece on the California desert. We had talked several months ago about working together on some kinda type treatment. This story seemed like a good one for some juicy type, and wood type seemed like a great way to go.
When the photos came in, Steve did a rough layout and we talked about the general feel for the type. After some rough proofs of initials and ornaments, and a false start on my part (I somehow missed his email with the real headline and accidentally set the dummy headline - D'OH!), I was ready to pour the coal on and put together the finished thing:

Steve really wanted something that was not only the right feel typographically for this story, but also something that wouldn't get lost next to the big beautiful photos. It was just as important that the pieces look "real" - real type printed in real ink on real paper. If you scan something like this in, you completely lose the whole feel and verity.After printing, I applied a bit of my prop-makers aging techniques to each piece, lit it with a raking light and photographed it.