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Drawger Annual 2016 December 30 Thanks to everyone who believes in this odd place called Drawger. It's somewhat remarkable that we've been... 10th Drawger Annual December 16 Honestly amazing, this Drawger.com place. 2013 Drawger Annual December 6 Releasing the Drawger Annual is always a bit bitter-sweet for me. For a while, it's like having my own private... My 2012 Drawger Picks December 30 Year-end thanks to everyone! I rarely post or comment here, but I'm always lurking at the edges and... Drawger Annual 2011 November 17 One of the cool things about being me is that every year I get to have the Drawger Annual all to myself for a while.... 2010 Annual November 17 Every year the good people of Drawger gather together to deliver a yearly annual. I'm inclined to say that... Drawger Turns 4 February 9 In January of 2006, I had this odd notion that a site where illustrators posted articles might be a fun place to... Ohger - For Students November 2   Did this finally after many stops and starts: Ohger, a site for students and recent grads in... Publishers Picks 2008 at Drawger December 3 In which the unlikely publisher of Drawger points out some personal favorites from the year 2008 in no particular... Drawger Annual 08 November 10 Very pleased to announce that Drawger has survived long enough to publish it's third annual and that it's the biggest... The illoz Angels September 3 Meet the illoz Angels!This is a team of 8, 9 and 10 year olds playing this fall in Western North Carolina, corporate... Marc Art Mine April 19 Yesterday by FedEx - a reMarcable treat arrived. A signed and numbered print by Marc Burckhardt, of Robert Johnson -... illogator December 11 I'm very pleased and proud to release illogator.com for the perusal and pleasure of the illustration collecting... Drawger Annual November 19 Very pleased indeed to let loose the 2nd Drawger Annual. The first one in 2006 was so much fun, it was clear that... Server Tsunami October 11 The Drawger server suffered a big-thumb catastrophe last night at around 11pm. Five days of data was deleted in less... Happy Birthday to Drawger March 12 Drawger went into beta in February of 2006 with 10 illustrators helping the project and trying to figure out whether... The Gift of Klezmer February 9 What started here from Leo Espinosa on September 30th of last year, landed with huge surprise in my mail box today. I... Slow Sorry November 28 Sorry for the recent slow-down at Drawger. It was a server problem - database goobers running amok.Should be running... September at Drawger October 1 September at Drawger was remarkable - and I thought I'd send out my thanks to everyone and all who have made this site... Drawger 12 Step Program September 30 Only $10,000, and probably worth more! ..... cover art by Mark Fisher! Thanks to Illustration Mundo September 20 Thanks to Nate Williams and Illustration Mundo for giving Drawger big props and a nod by flowing some of the content... The Drawgerpedia August 31 The beta-version of Drawgerpedia goes live today, ladies and gents. It may work out, it may not, I don't have a... Drawger for Photographers August 21 The beta version of a Drawger-like site for photographers will be up and running in about one week. Any working pros... Drawger Speakeasy August 16 The Drawger Speakeasy is now open for business. Members here will only see the link, up top, when they are logged in.... Name This Idea August 15 A new upgrade will be arriving at Drawger in short order and I am calling out for help with naming it. What it is: A... Photager June 10 I have a few professional photographer aquaintences who've asked if I can set up a site like Drawger for their... Using Odeo at Drawger June 8 In case anyone wants to follow Tim's example. You should use the Safari Browser when placing Odeo files on the... mckibillo baby watch May 26 mckibillo baby watch - for the people.at Drawger. Luc Watch May 9 Fellow Drawger, Luc Latulippe - just added as a contributor to Drawn. I'm guessing between that, his new digs and The... Using the Document Upload for Flash Stuff May 5 I've uploaded some Flash interactive stuff in a gallery here at Drawger to give folks an idea about how to use the... Yeah May 4th! May 4 This is the best Mayforth Day ever! We love you Hal! < (left) Mayforth in ten seconds or less. The Unofficial Semi-Annual Drawger Design Awards May 1 The first semi-annual Drawger Design Awards do not include a buffet lunch, no key note speaker and have no legitimacy... Drawger Gallery Shows April 29 Here's a Drawger upgrade idea - would appreciate feedback. From the start, I've wanted to incorporate a central... Messin with Enos April 18 I had to do this.< enosthanks to Espinosa for starting this, I think. The Real Thing with Clouds also April 15 I think guys like this need some big clouds behind them. Yeah, I cleaned up his hair a bit as well.< Gothard <... Twenty Bucks a Year? April 11 This note from Luc got my attention. I'll quote:"Some folks have told me they're not keen on paying $20/year for a blog... Gothard's Way Back Post February 12 David Gothard harkens back to the old days with a nostalgic post, worth reading right here.. . . . . Enos Post February 11 Randall Enos posted his first article at drawger and it's a doozy folks.Check it out here.. . . . .
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