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The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies November 10 Once hosted here at Drawger, Lou Brooks (with a bit of help from me doing some weekend and after-hours programming)... My CMYK Birthday Present March 18 March 7th, CMYK Magazine #49 went to newstands as some sort cruel birthday gift for me. The editors decided to... Working Surfaces Up Close September 4 I LOVE work surfaces (where the mysterious magic happens) and was lucky enough to snap a few during a recent trip to... Nancy Stahl Studio Glimpse August 27 Nancy Stahl invited me to visit her home and studio during a recent trip to New York. I asked if I could take a few... Bite Sized Snack February 8 Snacks served daily at 10:30am (EST).   FAS - George Giusti Lesson January 30 I was on the phone with Enos yesterday and we were chatting about his days at the Famous Artists School. The talk... Christmas Wish List December 3 Dear Santa, most things that I actually WANT, I can't have. But isn't that what Christmas is all about ...... Ohger - For Students November 2   Did this finally after many stops and starts: Ohger, a site for students and recent grads in... All the Art That's Fit to Print November 3  In 2004, Jesse Sunnenblick interviewed Jerelle Kraus for The Columbia Journalism Review. When I read the article,... The illoz Angels September 3 Meet the illoz Angels!This is a team of 8, 9 and 10 year olds playing this fall in Western North Carolina, corporate... Vintage Commercials December 22 I had a job sweeping the floors at WSOC TV in Charlotte, NC in 1972. One day a guy handed me a huge box of commercials... illo to web VER. 1.0 July 28 If Business Week is right and the days of the print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle are numbered, it probably... illoz interviews June 19 What happens when one illustrator interviews another illustrator? illoz interviews are going to try and figure that one... Melvins poster by a 5 year old May 10 When Dale Flattum was asked to design a tour poster for the Melvins, he hired his son Eli (5 years old) to do the job... Awards Spam March 16 Not sure why, but today I've already received two email spams encouraging me to enter competitions and receive... Illustration at AIGA February 23 Just in case it's not hit your radar yet, the AIGA has a blog devoted to illustration, moderated by Christoph... Artists and related workers February 21 The U.S. Department of Labor doesn't seem to know what illustrators actually do, so why should anyone... Call for Slogans February 12 The Communications Arts 48th Annual Juried Illustration Competition uses the tag line "The Most Prestigious... Yo Picture Mechanics! January 23 Picture Mechanics was probably the first exclusive cyber port on the web for illustrators. It sort of sat there for a... Politics and the profession January 21 Drawger recently got a boost in traffic from the right-leaning blog, Little Green Football. Why did the LGF traffic... Renaissance stock December 14 When religion hits mainstream newsstands, you can usually count on the art department rummaging around in the Italian... USN - Illo Watch November 21 Everybody needs to make a living. Some people make a living as an illustrator. Still others make a living illustrating... USN - Enos Watch October 18 The October 23, 2006 issue of US News & World report sports some fine Randall Enos. The work is a real standout for the... Marketing Hell October 5 Got an email this morning from an old friend, saying they were happy as heck to be coming my way soon and staying in... The Playoff Sign October 3 The sign was stolen (using bolt cutters) from the Cross Bronx Expressway in 1987 and has gone up in front of my house... Foladable Subway Cars August 31 Klim Kozinevich, master toy dude and pal, is giving away free downloads of a foldable paper version of his blank subway... Drawger in the news August 17 A nice write up by Bill Russel at The Northern California Graphic Artists Guild web site, where Adam McCauley waxes... JD King and the Coachmen - American Mercury August 4 The eclectic beat soundscapes of JD King and the Coachmen, American Mercury CD arrived unexpectedly by post recently.... Frazier's 98 July 29 Late tag-on to theLeo Espinoso note on Craig Frazier's 98 sketch book. Just received an imprint of 98 today in the... Comic Fine Art by Chris Ware July 24 Stumbled by complete and happy accident into the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art where the second floor was... Mac Packaging Movie Set June 2 How about a movie set built entirely with Macintosh packaging materials? Moon Europa delivers on the vision. Matcho Watch May 28 Thankfully, Mark Matcho has finally let us in, to see what he's been doing at his web site all this time. It's a treat. Bonus mckibillo May 3 I've been using the above image from Josh McKible's bonus page today as my desktop and I'm now taking it off cause I... Moores Watch March 21 The above is the address area of a promo recently received from fellow drawger Jeff Moores. This is a printed piece,... The go-to guy for designer toys March 16 Klim Kozinevich, a new friend of mine and the throbbing brain atop Big Shot Toy Works, did the sculptural development... Ringling Museum Pics March 10 Here's an early Lou Jacobs clown car from the Ringling Museum in Sarasota Florida. WI FI POST March 8 Yo - wi fi post here from The Atlanta Bread Company in Sarasota Florida. Just left the John and Mable Ringling Museum... Illo Watch February 23 While flying the friendly skies of United yesterday, I noted that the cover of Hemisphere's Magazine gave not only... Jim Flora February 18 I can't stop looking The Mischieveous Art of Jim Flora.I've had it for about 6 months and I carry it around like some... Russell Tate - Wuz Up? February 15 Russell Tate - just click on something soon and figure it out.via Drawn.ca. . . . . Kevin Pope starts daily cartoon February 14 Kevin Pope is up and running with FishStiks.com and is posting daily humor of the Kevin Pope variety. Worth checking...
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