Robert Zimmerman
May 2006
Matcho Watch
Thankfully, Mark Matcho has finally let us in, to see what he's been doing at his web site all this time. It's a treat.
Includes the sublime Gallery of Rejected sketches (perhaps, the perfect sound score for the theme).
Definately, check out Mark's movies. Mark's promo, My Life as a NewsPaper Man touched me, personaly, but there is lots of other stuff to see as well.
Paid in Steadman
a photo of the Steadman print
The first real job I ever did for a real magazine was in 1978 for Mother Jones Magazine. I was living in Oakland at the time, and I rode my little Yamaha 400 across the Bay Bridge in gale force cross-winds with the illustration in a backpack. I arrived at Mother Jones and handed over the art to the art director (can't recall her name).

She said she liked the piece very much, but that there was a slight problem. That being, Mother Jones didn't have any money to pay me for the job. I don't mind saying I was counting on the money to pay for some much needed food at the time and the news came as a serious blow to my complaining stomach.

The art director asked, "Do you like Ralph Steadman?" I said that indeed I did. She asked me to follow her and I was escorted to a room where there were perhaps 10 or more signed prints of Steadman's spread out on a table. She asked if I would accept one as payment.

After picking out a print, she provided me with a mailing tube which I bungied to my little Yamaha and faced the cross-winds of the Bay Bridge home.

The print, signed in pencil below a printed signature and numbered 56/100 depicts J. Edgar Hoover and has hung in my house ever since.
Using the Document Upload for Flash Stuff
I've uploaded some Flash interactive stuff in a gallery here at Drawger to give folks an idea about how to use the document upload tool of the admin.

It's fairly easily to do if you know how to put together a basic HTML page. I'm simply creating a page to hold the Flash files, and then uploading all the supporting images and files one at a time.

Here's an unfinished game based on Simon.

Here's a bunch of critters that were intended for a bigger game but never made it to prime time for one reason or another.

Fellow Drawgers - if you want to learn how to use this document upload deal and don't quite get it, ask me.

. . . . .
Yeah May 4th!
yeah, sorry Hal! You dah Mahn!
This is the best Mayforth Day ever! We love you Hal! < (left) Mayforth in ten seconds or less.
Bonus mckibillo
I've been using the above image from Josh McKible's bonus page today as my desktop and I'm now taking it off cause I can't get anything done. Thanks mckibillo but I need to stop staring at my screen all day.
The Unofficial Semi-Annual Drawger Design Awards
The first semi-annual Drawger Design Awards do not include a buffet lunch, no key note speaker and have no legitimacy what-so-ever as they are based completely on what I think is nifty. For best use of Drawgers clunky and remarkably confusing interface, the top award goes to David Flaherty for his super smooth header.
Special props to David for custom article art
A close second, receiving nothing what-so-ever except big props and insane jealousy from me is Susan Crawford for her deft melding of background color and banner.
For best use of a frustrating and madly confusing color picker, loud applause and admiration to new-comer Marc Burckardt for the enviable eye candy.
The semi-annual Drawger Design Awards are based on nothing at all except what I personally think is groovy. Anyone who thinks they have been left out, passed over, or unjustly ignored can file complaints in the circular file.
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