Robert Zimmerman
June 2006
The Gourd Lady - Margaret Sparkman
I try to visit Margaret Sparkman once a year to buy her fabulous painted gourds. She just turned 90 and I missed her birthday party. I have perhaps 200 or so of her painted marvels.

Here's a great little movie slideshow about her.

I would post a few pictures of her little goard crittters but my digital camera went snorkling with me recently...
At her house with some gourd penguins.
I have a few professional photographer aquaintences who've asked if I can set up a site like Drawger for their community. Drawger has been such an inspiration to me, on a daily basis, I figure it's my obligation to spread the goodness around. I've registered and will go into beta on that site within a month. If you have similar friends, then pass the word and tell them to get in touch with me if they want to try it out. It will be the same deal - invitation only, working pros only. . . . . . On a similar note, the idea I floated for Designager isn't getting much traction. I might be inspired to set up a site for freelance designers - but it ain't happened yet.
Kuba inspired logo
When a recent job came in to do a logo for a NYC recording studio, I thought back (for one reason or another) to how darn cool those Kuba Clothes were that Rob Dunlavey made a gallery about.
Where I started
I went to work right away, just experimenting. But, about an hour later, I got a call that the job had been killed. I didn't even get to show them anything! While these are completely unfinished experiments, they still make me darn happy for reasons that escape me.
Yeah, I did some more "traditional" looks, but the heck with them...
Rob D pointed out the Hammill Gallery where you can get a real fine sampling of Kuba. Here's some favorites: one and two and three
Using Odeo at Drawger
In case anyone wants to follow Tim's example. You should use the Safari Browser when placing Odeo files on the site. If you see the text editor thing, it don't work so good.
powered by ODEO Follow this path to Odeo for sign up and get your microphone ready.
My Fifty-five CD thing
Occassionally a friend talks me into doing their band's CD design. This one for the wonderful Joti Marra, and her band, My Fifty-five came out looking pretty cool, I think
I scanned the cover of an old gag cartoon book by Carl Rose, titled One Dozen Roses. Then I moved it around in Photoshop until it was a little square book. The horse photo I dropped in was taken by Joti's aunt. The hand writing is Joti's.
My favorite thing about the way this came out - it appears there really is a little square book inside the jewel case. It looks like it's floating inside there, waiting to be read. It's almost a disappointment when you open it and don't find the little book waiting for you - that is ... until you listen to the CD.

I used a black tray, which really makes the effect (poorly photographed by me to the right, no doubt) come alive.
White as blank paper
Yeah - the home page and everything else at Drawger just went as white as blank paper. Anyboody who doesn't like it should file their complaints here. I'm going to have the alleged Drawger logo pull from a random list of image files - so anybody who wants to send me an alternate alleged Drawger logo, check it out here.
Mac Packaging Movie Set
How about a movie set built entirely with Macintosh packaging materials? Moon Europa delivers on the vision.
Took these photos of the set, with director Chris Bower's permission. Pictured here are the food storage aquariums. (not that aquariums are included in Macintosh packaging that I'm aware of...but hey)
Attended a Moon Europa party in the Mac Packaging spaceship set - here's the DJ. Thought this glimpse might inspire.
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