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Summer Mixer August 1 Small Big February 7 I've been exploring my own framing the last few years. I see some very interesting history on the backside of... Lordy! it's Stanley April 18 Well it's that time of the year when the north half of North America(Canada, and some parts of "the... 100 Heads for Haiti April 5 One more post for the show & sale of - 100 Heads for Haiti Once again, my contribution to the Haiti... Comixology October 2 Awhile back I did my own little comic book. Chris Pitzer of Adhouse press published my thirty-two page graphic poem.... Harry & I September 23 After seeing Mr.Campbell's wonderful fresh diagrams, I sent him links about this past master. Harry suggested I... Summer Memory September 3 Fun piece for a themed group show in Calgary, CANADA. The title of the show is Bonfires. It's at the Uppercase... '65 Pan July 23 Many other manufactures have tried to copy the line it laid down, and not been seen to do so. I've looked... Right Practices June 18 Interesting timely YouTube video in regards to the Google thing; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj5IV23g-fE Farewell Pontiac June 1 Follow-up to Carl's post. Ole' Goats are passing by as GM says good-bye to Pontiac. I did own a '68 GTO... Slugger March 25 Well I did a young adult book cover my first. It's as close as I've done to a children's book in my life lately. I did... Adolescent Tendencies March 15 I've mentioned the subject of adolescent tendencies. Here's something I did for a as yet "undisclosed Lucasfilm... Roll 2009 January 6 Well it's a New Year! Roll up those sleeves. There has been a few constants in the subject matter I've dealt with. One...
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