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Gallery Work
Exploring Bits March 17 As a kid, I did build a few model kits. It was there that I first fell in love with the box art and the diagrams that... Bull Pin April 8 Bull Pin;The two tiny items hung around my desktop for the last couple of years. As I looked at them from time to time... Digging with a Puck September 28 Domestic April 12 Recent observations with a little carpentry. I still have all my fingers. Summer Mixer August 1 Bridges May 30 I returned to the subject of a bridge recently. It was again on highway #3, the Crowsnest Pass through southern... Flower & Tiger February 2 It’s winter and my activities are more inside. The sun’s low in the sky, and the days are short. A... Camaro & Dirt Bike November 29 I think it was the combination of the flat bone white bleached paint with dry grass, plywood clad garage, the tar... Small Big February 7 I've been exploring my own framing the last few years. I see some very interesting history on the backside of... 53ft December 16 Driving through southern Alberta last June, I stopped to use a public washroom. Another road that I’ve been... Leftover August 7 Another roadside artifact that I've driven by many times. The sign and others like it brought back many memories of... Ties & Trees May 4 While driving through the southern interior of British Columbia last summer I noticed an unusual type of machinery... Meander November 19 Almost getting run over, or just having some passer-by looking at me gawking on. Then fumbling out my tiny cheap... Totems June 16 I've been by this Totem many times. In the summer people are stopped and photographing it, or having a roadside... 4 Paint & 1 Vector May 8 Back Road November 26 I'm enjoying getting out of my studio these days. A painting from running around old back roads here on the west... March February 15 I've been working on a few more pieces for exhibition. Looking to have them up for the first of March at my... Walls & Stairs October 18 After scraping and heat gunning the old paint from some of our old house last summer, and then prepping, and... Shape & Size March 5 In one of my recent paintings I wanted to capture a feeling of visual perspective, and explore the shape of... Drawing Time February 6 Rail January 2 My painting Rail along with another of my recent pieces, will be in a group show opening on January. In this piece,... Trash December 12 Last July, while out running errands on my motorcycle, I pulled over to take a break. I stopped near a venue with a... After Print October 3 Well I have my first full show at the Winchester Gallery here on the west coast. A few singular pieces have been... Straight to Paint June 23 The last while I would develop a digital rough when developing a painting. I've skipped that stage in my recent... An Anchor Point January 9 As an illustrator, I've worked for a while now with digital software. The adobe illustrator software has been my... Roxy August 9 Finished another personal piece. The painting is of an old local movie theatre from the back. The name of the... Utility May 24 My neighbour across the street has an old homebuilt utility trailer. It's used to carry old furniture, soil,... 3 East April 26 3 East is the name of my latest gallery painting. In my gallery work, I've been trying to deconstruct the... Golden Pump February 24 Had a holiday break for a spell in late January. After that in February I've been working on several charity... Gate D43 November 2 I've finished another canvas. The subject was a photo I shot out the window of an airport while waiting for our... Pole Dancing September 15 I finished this painting about a month ago. I was out and about in an industrial part of my home city. The... Chrome Lady June 4 Recently finished gallery work. Oils on wooden panel, 24" by 12". I'm looking toward a subtle level of... Tagged Grain April 8 Still working on my illustration assignments, but stayin' up a little later to do some of my own stuff. I... Back of My Studio January 2 Outside of my illustration assignments I've been doing some personal directed painting. I feel as though I'm working...
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