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FEBRUARY 16, 2011
A subject I dealt with before leaving for a winter break from work, was somewhat timely. The subject of violence in the workplace. The art director for the assignment was the every open, and insightful, Roy Comiskey. The signs for possible violent events seem to be there, yet can happen without warning. I can say that the subject was interesting, and as someone who works alone, it's a curiousity. An employer it would seem has to maintain a vigilence. I wanted a darker tone, offset by a more banal setting. The cubicles I've seen in office spaces always leave me with an odd feeling. I enjoyed the subject manner as it delves into the struggles of contemporary life & work. Working with Roy is a pleasure. My winter break is over, and it's back to it in a none violent manner.

In my pencil sketches I'd developed a split panel approach to crop in on some telltale signs.
Feedback from Roy & the editor had me developing sketch #1 further. The finish is a simpler split.

Illustration into Roy's layout for Security Management magazine

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