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Lordy! it's Stanley

APRIL 18, 2011
For the National Hockey League, All Star game in Madison Square Garden 1994. Yes, I did get to play in the big league......as an illustrator. Oils on strathmore.

Well it's that time of the year when the north half of North America(Canada, and some parts of "the States") gets a little crazy. Or at least in those areas that are still in the hunt for Lord Stanley's trophy. Yes, It's The Stanley Cup Playoffs! The pucks been dropped, and the battles are underway. I'm climbing on the Vancouver Canucks band wagon after kicking around the west coast of Canada for over a decade. In the Canucks - Black Hawks(Chicago) series, Vancouver leads three games to zero. All up & down the west coast of British Columbia, and even into the surrounding areas, more, and more are daring to believe. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a gruelling, punishing, trial for any of the NHL teams. Cold beer & chips, gimme the remote, oh god it can be painful to believe.
Ole' Canucks "bumble bee" years. Commissioned assignment back in the 90's. This was to highlight Pavel Vladimirovich Bure; The Russian Rocket #10. Oils on heavy stock paper.

Band wagon boy here, my cap, eh? Still one of my favorite team logos.

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