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APRIL 28, 2011
More recent offerings. Am rather enjoying working with the New Republic (I was midway through a cover about a month ago but was bumped when events in Egypt displaced a feature on Timothy Geithner's career resurrection). I find the magazine itself is rather interesting; even some of the wonky Washington stuff and I've become quite a fan of Leon Wieselthier.
For The New Republic (AD, Joe Heroun) on a controversial book of which I wasn't aware, Amy Chua's 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger'. From what I gather, the book's a paean to an unapologetically overbearing style of parenting (predictably, the author learns sensitivity and empathy in the course of the narrative)
roughs for the above. The batch on the left were fairly wide of the mark- Joe suggested a less elliptical approach which worked well

For aiCIO (AD, the inimitible SJBuzelli): the live artwork can be seen here

For the Guardian UK (AD, Sarah Habershon). The aeroplane sat over the masthead.

Roughs for the above

Another couple of kids' recipe pieces for Вокруг Света, my fourth (AD Петр Хузангай). A little heavy on the Quentin Blake influence but I'm finding them really enjoyable to do. A lack of ⌘z when working in line and wash is v liberating.

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