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Hearty Polish fare

FEBRUARY 8, 2007
Jedrysik stamps
Some meaty Polish illos for your delectation: warming Mitteleuropan stuff on this cold morning. When working in the international student office of a London Art School I abused my position of authority (I didn’t have any- I was a penpusher pure and simple) and got a Polish BFA applicant to send me this set of stamps. Zodiac series can be pure tack but I love these. Props to M. Jedrysik- hope s/he’s cool with me posting them (no pun intended). The other’s a packaging design for wooden clothes pegs- I’ll assume it’s Polish too. The big peg on the side’s my favourite touch.

Thought I’d keep things nice and frothy today after yesterday’s shenanigans.
Polish (rustless) spring
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