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Charles Eames busted up my neck

FEBRUARY 15, 2007
Maybe stopping doing doodles like this all the live-long day might help my neck get better...
Ok, so I didn’t go toe-to-toe Graeco-Roman wrestling with the guy (what a story that might’ve been). But I’ve majorly hurt my neck since I got myself a (beautiful but not-terribly-ergonomic) Herman Miller Eames aluminum seat as my work chair.

Actually (sensing the HM lawyers bristling) let me backpedal further: it could be down to me sitting at 45 degrees to my monitor, crossing my legs, never taking any breaks and fundamentally flouting all health and safety recommendations. It could also be to do with me lugging a double mattress about first thing yesterday morning.

Whatever the cause (and despite the sensationalist headline, under legal counsel, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fragrant Mr Eames and his comfortable chairs) I’m in pain, people.
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