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What a difference an AD makes

FEBRUARY 24, 2007
pic about CEOs being liable for corporate manslaughter cases
I do a couple of spots every fortnight for a personnel magazine.  Sometimes it can feel a bit hack-ish, particularly when finding the umpteenth way of tackling a fairly dry subject. I really should post some of it as stock imagery on theispot or something. This week there was a new AD in post to keep me from getting too complacent. It's interesting comparing different ADs' approaches to commissioning. The outgoing AD was very easy-going: good when I was on autopilot and juggling numerous jobs, but the new fellow reminds me of how it should be, having someone challenging my occasionally lazy thinking and weighing in with ideas of his own. I'm not talking about pernickety, heavy handed direction (of which I've experienced too much over the last fortnight) but it's refreshing to have someone who seems to be investing thought into a project.

I'll probably be less well disposed towards him next time when I've got other jobs on and as he settles in he may become less exacting. The slot's been going for over a year so experience tells me it won't continue for much longer...
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