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Old Lady with a stick

FEBRUARY 27, 2007
Yo momma
Thought I'd post something to show a bit of the (slightly uptight) process behind my work. This isn't maybe the best example- because it was one of those ones where an AD doesn't have the copy so suggests an idea and there isn't too much latitude (I'll try and post something- say an NY Times book review- to show a less prescriptive, more organic approach).

With this one, the call came in Friday with finished art due Tue (quite a leisurely schedule). The piece (sans-copy at that point) was on baby boomers' lifestyles being propped up by hard-working 20-somethings. The idea suggested was of baby boomers mugging a youth. It was a single page but also to be used (at roughly 1/4) on the cover. I had other work on over the weekend so agreed to do everything on Mon/ Tue- also the AD wouldn't be able to get approval 'til Mon, but meantime I sent in a scamp of 2 possible compositions.
It was just as well that I hadn't worked things up over the weekend as, by Monday they wanted the scene altered, with just one mugger and one victim (I was a little concerned that it might look a bit empty on the full page but ok for the cover). First a man jumping out on a young lady was proposed, then- for obvious reasons this was switched. What I had done in the meantime was to put together a page of body parts for each of the figures. All very Madame Tussauds.

The next rough was approved and from here I went straight to inking and colouring on Monday pm.
2nd spot rough
At this time the AD told me there was a companion article with the reverse perspective (twenty-something slackers still sponging off their parents). I was keen on doing something a little less literal with this one (a huge cuckoo child being fed by tiny parents maybe) but the space available was tiny (60mm sq) so I just opted for a couch potato youth taking a handout. All approved and worked up fairly smoothly.
My daughter in 20yrs' time
dingy palette- mugger not looking gleeful enough
Tuesday morning and the AD made some- not unreasonable- points about the colour palette on the main one being a bit muddy and the figures needing to be closer. Changes made, it was all put to bed at about midday.
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