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Kiev Clinch

MARCH 19, 2007
This assignment was to accompany a short story but I really didn't want to render it in my usual way so opted for pencil and working smaller than print size to retain something of the quality of my roughs. Ever since the middle of last year I've been feeling a bit twitchy about the way that I work- having spent 5 years buffing my inked line and flat colour style I started feeling a bit dissatisfied that it didn't really allow me too much room for manouvre.
1st version- too light
The story's about local government officials visiting a newly independent Kiev in the 1990s and one of the party ending up with a young Ukrainian who may or may not be a call girl.
Final version (black line that I was kind of trying to avoid)
sketchbook page
submitted roughs (LH one- my preferred rejected as gutter would cut through detail)
detail (line in pencil, done smaller than print size)
Topical: Editorial