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Two things...

MARCH 30, 2007
To make your life more complete. Ok I don't usually get hung up on material possessions but lately I've been obsessing about these. The first is a beautiful light from UK designer homestore, Habitat. It's supposedly designed by Buzz Aldrin and it's a transluscent, resin moon (40cm diameter). I cannot begin to convey how cool I think this is! A miniature moon! (the photo here makes it look like a poppadom but trust me it's a beaut). Unfortunately when I went to collect the thing having put it by I found out that it weighed about as much as the real thing and worried that it might bring the roof down or start affecting tides in my local area I decided against buying it. So that's not exactly an unequivocal recommendation is it?
The second thing could mark me down as being a leetle bit affected (that's what the A stands for, btw). It's a dandyish old style handset for a mobile phone (prototpes were called 'Pokias' but ran into trouble with a certain cellphone company and changed their name to the Hulger ). I like the thinking behind this: cell phones get smaller and smaller and we're all being ushered into a Star Trek type world of ultra functional design. Ok maybe I can't see myself walking down the street looking a right charlie carrying one of these army field telephone type things but I quite fancy one for Skyping. The fellow in the photo is designer Nik Roope (someone I once worked with- interesting, funny guy) who delivers a cogent, witty rationale for the whole concept
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