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APRIL 24, 2007
Seeing Linzie's lovely screenprints transported me back to college days. I was more of an etchings man on my BA(Hons) (BFA, y'all) but dabbled in screenprints with my MA.

Coming from a painting background I always felt that there was a certain bluff, macho vibe in the print department which was housed in a different building. The fume cupboards! The heady chemicals! The heavy, archaic machinery!- to an effete dauber like myself it was always like visiting the gym or doing some strenuous blue collar work. I always enjoyed being there but felt that, at any moment I was going to be unmasked as a thrill seeking Flâneur, a limp-wristed painter and forcibly ejected.

The print room denizens would want to kick my fey hiney all the more for this effort as all the print effects are digital.

Interesting bit of copy for this one about maketing types glibly chucking around cliched visual imagery but how hackneyed visual analogies can actually help workers to visualize their objectives better (sounds a little Dungeons & Dragons-ish to me).
Topical: Editorial