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MAY 2, 2007
A very satisfying job...

The AD- SooJin Buzelli- gave me the instruction, 'think of it as being a portfolio piece and not being for a financial magazine' (ironic as, not having seen Plansponsor, I wasn't entirely sure exactly what sort of magazine it was).

Banishing all pat solutions and stock props from my mind, I took in a big lung full of fresh air and set about the task. The subject was paperless offices so I came up with a few solutions, some more conceptual (an origami dodo) some more narrative (a sheet of paper exhibited in a future museum, an old guy in the future wowing his grandkids by showing them an actual piece of paper), and something that fell somewhere between the two approaches (paper in a showcase amongst a selection of extinct artefacts). SooJin went for the latter- my preferred option.

The finished version did go through a few last minute revisions- which makes me rate SooJin all the more (hope this isn't sounding like a frothing fan letter)- she didn't interfere in the process but showed that she actually cared about details within the final piece.
Topical: Editorial