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Two, Three, Four-

MAY 9, 2007
It's difficult trying to foist a new way of working on clients who already associate you with working in a particular way. So when the AD on this one sent through two of my 'line free' images as guides to how the finished thing should look I could scarcely contain my delight ('I'll do it for free!' I almost shrieked. Almost). The copy was dry (though not impenetrable) and related to global corporations needing to standardise employee benefit packages across their global offices. The idea proposed by the AD was of subtly different houses being built in the background working to one blueprint. I duly did the roughs but also sent one idea of a shepherd herding his flock (hmmm) and of a conductor with his orchestra. And, thankfully it was that one that they went for. I politely ignored the client's suggestion of the musicians wearing the flags/ national costumes of different countries and went for a varied colour palette instead. The musicians poses aren't quite as angular and dynamic as I'd envisaged but I do like the overall composition alot
Topical: Editorial