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Line not dead

MAY 11, 2007
As a counterpoint to the last post, here's one where the AD was having none of my textured, artsy, graphic shenanigans and wanted things in a busy, line-heavy style. And who am I to argue? The article for a newspaper supplement cover was on the rise of private detectives in the UK. I have to admit to taking a iddle, biddy shortcut on this one by warming over an old, rejected composition. I was commissioned through my reps to do a series of kids' books covers. Having waded through five of these (rather wearing) modern noir books for teenagers and worked up two covers the author took against my style and the whole thing was canned.

So here I managed to wring some use out of the killed cover.
The roughs
As it appeared- window bricked in to accommodate type
As a bonus, I got on the main masthead
The book cover roughs. I can't find the finshed version otherwise I'd post that too
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