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An eventful week

MAY 28, 2007
Well, more like a week of blissful inactivity with a violent coda.

The week relaxing was spent in darkest Somerset with my wife and kids, my sister's bunch and my parents. A swish old farmhouse with its own pool. The familial tensions that I'd been dreading by and large didn't materialize (we're more the family from Jonathan Frantzen's The Corrections than The Waltons) so it was grand. Funny to think that a few years back I was living in London and would have laughed at the idea of leaving The Smoke. I guess once you make the initial flight from the city, it's only a matter of time before you hanker after being Grizzly Adams. A few jobs came in while I was away but despite having all my kit with me (easel, smock, beret, maul stick, etc) I didn't so much as pick up a pencil in anger (long deadlines, not me turning anything down).

Since getting back? I did the attached piece on new Eastern European immigrants living below the poverty line in the UK. Quite pleased with the results- I thought that echoes of Shahn would be more appropriate to the subject than my usual echoes of Herge.
And the violent ending? Living room door was hanging off its hinges so I decided to move it out of harm's way. Ended up dropping the thing from about a foot in the air onto my foot. I was wearing socks and the floor was terracotta tiles so I'd like to say that I was stoic but I squealed like a pig as a puddle of blood welled up round my foot. Hopefully, witnessing it all will have turned my daughter against her planned career in medicine (though she was pretty calm so maybe not): the whole exercise might've been worth it if it spares me 7 years of med school fees.

Four tedious hours later I was home from the hospital- fractured big toe bound, tetanus shots up to date. Naturally, I'll post holiday snaps plus a picture of the foot at a later date.
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