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The Beach (pt2)/ Father's Day

JUNE 19, 2007
I'll try and make this my last beach-related picture for a while
The beach is still occupying my thoughts. I'm finding it difficult not to shoehorn clear blue skies into all my pictures: even the interior settings. And it's having a worrying sartorial effect too: I'm cutting something of a Lebowski-ish figure right now- shorts and flip-flops being the order of the day.
Was it Father's Day in the States on Sunday? I spent a rather lovely day en famille at a touchingly amateurish local dinosaur museum: 10 foot long Papier mache stegosauruses, boxes full of old tires that visitors are invited to stick their hands into to discover how a triceratops hide might've felt. I think, even without kids I would've relished the earnest shoddiness of it all- as it was, the kids genuinely adored the place so we all had a great time.

As a Father's Day card, my daughter (3) had painted me a picture. She explained that the main elements were, 'a circle, a gun, and a pistol'.

Hmmm... I blame it all on Tintin. It's funny how I'd imagined Tintin would be a benign or even a positive influence on her- in preference to- say- the schmaltz of Barney or the vacuousness of Barbie. Now I'm starting to wonder. Herge's be-quiffed Belgian reporter is her longstanding obsession. For a while now she's answered only to 'Tintin', her soft toy rabbit is 'Snowy' whilst Mum is Captain Haddock (I think it's more that she's a constant companion than she's a belligerent old soak) and I'm the- largely absent and often befuddled- Professor Calculus.

Often 'Tintin' can be found lying down complaining about how she's been hit with a cosh...
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