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JULY 4, 2007
A gift of an assignment from top-notch AD Etienne Gilfillan from Strange Phenomena/ Conspiracy Theory magazine, Fortean Times. The copy here related to accounts of a giant woman washed up on an Irish beach in the 10th century...

Etienne asked for something in a more graphicy/ print vein- which, as you all know- is the way that I like working right now. I tried to steer him towards a more cropped, top down view of the legs from the roughs below. Etienne had reservations about this not being the most suspenseful route and favoured a version from the point of view of the beachcombers who find the giantess. In the end I worked up two versions and, pleasingly, the legs version's the one that flew.

Interesting trying to suggest atmosphere in a spare, graphic way. Also rather novel working with rather gothic themes- not my usual bag but all very enjoyable.
Roughs batch 1 (spot the difference)
batch 2
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