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A couple

JULY 16, 2007
of recent assignments, posted, more than anything to bump that picture of my trophy down the running order on my front page.

the first is on the subject of testing how secure a computer network is by subjecting it to a dummy break-in.
The second's a more interesting bit of copy- a speech by director Wim Wenders where he suggests that European cinema has a vital role in defining European identity. It would seem that many Europeans are increasingly cynical about the role of Europe. Nationalist parties across Europe exploit the perception that Europe is nothing more than a bureaucracy with little relevance or cultural resonance to individuals. Wenders argues that there has never been a European equivalent to the American Dream (articulated and propogated so well through US cinema) and that European film makers have a responsibility to debate and define the European soul.

I'm not sure how possible or desirable it is to steer culture in this way but Wenders makes an interesting case (hey, and look, there's my pic again on their website; web use, eh? that's news to me;)

The AD initially wanted Wim Wenders to appear prominently in the illo. This was reigned in a bit (when the Arts Editor ventured that no-one would recognise him) but I still was really keen to include him (bottom right- but you all knew that, right?) as I get more and more keen on stretching myself with nailing likenesses    
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