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OCTOBER 4, 2007
Still lost on my extended portrait riff. The attached image is of Dashiell Hammett. Tried to avoid too many Noir-ish props and make it more of a character study.

It's been a wearying few weeks away from the drawing board. To kick off, instead of the planned wedding anniversary meal à deux we had a blood-soaked visit to the local hospital with my son. Apparently he's decided to start notching up scars to give his face character and impress future ladyfriends. Gushing but superficial forehead wound superglued, the trauma dovetailed nicely into a kindergarten-incubated gastic bug that whipped through the Allen house. This in turn segued into colds all round, with the kids taking it in shifts to keep me awake through the night with hacking coughs. My wife gets both kids all the live-long day so I shouldn't gripe, she tells me.

My daughter really milked it when I was on duty the other night. At 11pm she needed the toilet, 1am she wanted a drink, 3 am she was jonesing for cough medicine, and at 5am she had- and here I quote- some 'dust in her eye'.

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