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Crumb on advertising

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Here's an interesting piece from R.Crumb in response to an advertising magazine's entreaty that he do a cover for them.


A scathingly candid way to turn down a commission if nothing else. In many ways it chimes with my own weary, despairing view of advertising. Although if ever I get into a debate on the subject (as I recall doing with an ad creative once) I fold pretty easily and admit that, since I've not gone to live in a croft in the Outer Hebrides I can't feel in any way superior and that technically, yes, I too work for The Man.
Coming home from a drunken night out in London many years ago I tried to make it all the way through a tube station without subjecting my brain to any poster ads. Of course, I (literally) bumped into someone I knew and had to explain what I was up to making me look a right tool.

Sorry no pics to accompany this one. I had a foie-gras goose being force fed but didn't want to make anyone queasy.
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