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DECEMBER 10, 2007
Recent images commissioned and otherwise.

The avalanche of gifts one is for a Guardian (UK newspaper) section cover on why Xmas can be hellish for personal assistants. I'm pleased that they went for this solution. There were a few more jokey options proposed (PA as Elf Santa as boss, etc.) but (as is always the case these days) I wanted a more graphic result.
The others include another tribute to HBO's glorious, 'The Wire' here featuring Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell (as played by Wood Harris and Idris Elba) and a crowded escalator scene. The rather understated background-y gag/ hook is a wide eyed kid mistaking a homeless guy for Santa.
Some good news to relate, I found out recently that I won a Gold Award in the Society of Illustrators of LA Illustration West 46 Annual Uncommissioned section with this and got a few other pieces in their show too. Over on the East coast with the SoI I won a Silver for Uncommissioned for my portrait of John Updike and I got the beach scene and my pic of Dashiell Hammett into the annual. Many thanks to both Societies and all the jurors. Looks as though I'll be heading over to see Drawgers for one if not both shows in the New Year.
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