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Happy New Year

JANUARY 5, 2008
When does it become a bit tired to be wishing people happy new year? Here's hoping I can keep doling out the 'Happy New Year's in early March.

New Year's resolutions? Am putting all my energies into growing an old testament style beard, does that count? Not so much a resolution unless I phrase it, 'I resolve not to shave so much'. Inspired by watching Fiddler on the Roof over Christmas I've made a Topol-esque number my mission for Spring. Can any of the beard sporting Drawger brethren tell me when it stops feeling like nettle rash? Or maybe that's the point- it never does, it's a hairshirt for the chin. Also can anyone give me some idea of when my wife might actually kiss me again? Or maybe you're not that familiar with my wife.

Enough with such fripperies. Here are a few supplement covers from recent weeks. First up is a piece for the Guardian about How to Resign. The ideas suggested were of magicians vanishing. I proposed an office ejector seat.
The space originally laid out was a rectangle- the approved rough- bottom left- suggested a reverse L-shape so the text was repositioned. V enjoyable when working with an AD is (painlessly) organic and collaboartive
Next up was a tv supplement for the Times with Santa, supping a detox smoothie and soaking his feet after the Xmas rush. Rather enjoyed both pieces as I pared back on roughs and submitted only the ideas/ compositions that I liked. This may sound obvious but I'll often be so keen on proving that I'm brimming with ideas that I'll overlook the fact that some roughs will not make for an interesting final. Maybe that's my resolution- only offer suggestions that I'll enjoy working up.

Wishing you all a creatively satisfying, spiritually enriching (and, perhaps most importantly, lucre-choked) 2008
More billowing smoke (or steam). I'll see if I can scan in the final to show you how it sat on page (though the mini-version that Santa's flicking through gives you an idea. Cheekily inserted one of those adverts for corduroy slacks on my rendering on the paper. Are adverts for ill-fitting middle aged clothes by mail order a uniquely British newspaper institution?
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