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One year on

FEBRUARY 12, 2008
A spot for a Financial Times magazine about- you guessed it- flourishing Post Communist economies
When Leo invited me along to Drawger last February I really didn't have that much of an idea about the place and my knowledge of big name US illustrators was limited so I didn't really know what sort of (stellar) company I was keeping. Then again a willful ignorance/ lack of decent research has been a hallmark of my career to date.

Looking back I marvel and wince at the tantric stamina, the verbal diarrhea I had as a Drawger Pup! 17 posts in that first month!

It really has been a very interesting time for me (I won't ask how it was for you, gentle reader). Drawger's been instrumental in making me take a look at my work and it's given added impetus to the experimenting I was doing when I arrived. It's also made me a bit less blinkered and locked into a particular aesthetic and keen to try new ways of working. I guess it's something like doing another MFA as a correspondence course and this time actually bothering to turn up to crits (as I managed to avoid throughout pretty much the whole of my undergraduate and postgraduate years). The warmth of the welcome I've had from Drawgerites has been touching and I feel as though I've made some genuine, lasting friendships with fellow artists. I'll be over for the SoI show in late March and will be hooking up with E Coast Drawgers when I'm in NYC. Whether they like it or not.

Oh, and here are a few recent offerings since this is an illustration blog.

Thanks again, Leo, The Great and All Powerful Zimm and all in the Drawgerverse.
Does the world need another Hokusai 'Wave' pastiche? Maybe not but I quite liked doing it. It's for a piece about Risk Management
For the WSJ on the subject of Austrian Wines (it seems they've been rehabilitated after the antifreeze scares of the 80s). Not too heavy on the concept but quite pretty anyhow
The wines piece went through the mill at the roughs stage. Most of the neat conceptual bits (restaurant tables as symbolic alps, wine bottle as red-white-red Austrian flag) didn't make the final edit. Then again nor did some of my cheesier devices (Tyrolean hats)
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