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FEBRUARY 21, 2008
Some recent editorial ones that I've got a kick out of.

The horses piece was for the New Statesman to go with a piece about how progressives within the (governing) Labour Party need to recognise how much ground they share with the Lib Dem (formerly Liberal Party). The article's here

I'm glad this went down a conceptual route tying the headline ('Lib-Lab rides again) with the colours associated with the two parties. Initially there were ideas of Gordon Brown looking in a mirror and seeing a historical liberal figure (Milton, Gladstone) reflected back...

I think that there's possibly something symbolic missing in the final image. Maybe the intersection between the two horses should form some sort of shape although that might've strained the imagery too much
What's certainly missing is a rather suspect protruding limb from the rough image.
The second one has much in common with my Fashion Cafes image (here) from September. Not quite as satisfying a composition with a more conventional perspective but  still a pleasing design.
Topical: Editorial