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Shared palettes

MARCH 5, 2008
Some more editorial pieces. The first is for my favourite AD, SooJin Buzelli at PLANSPONSOR. This one's about going back to basics with selling financial products.
A batch of roughs- the food ones relate to an analogy made in the article about eggs. The books ones are about concealing a copy of 'Fun With Dick & Jane' inside a hollowed out 'War & Peace'
For Radio Times (TV/ radio listings) Magazine
The second one (and I only noticed the identical palette when putting this post together) is for a radio programme about a survey of how kids spend their time in the playground (or schoolyard if you insist). Here's the synopsis I was given:

For nearly forty years, Iona Opie worked with her late husband collecting the material for their books, starting with “The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren” which was published in 1959.  From the 1970s onwards, as part of her fieldwork, she visited her local school playground, in Liss, Hampshire, every week.  These were the children whom she called “The People in the Playground”.  Already, then, there was anxiety that their spontaneity and expressiveness were being extinguished in the face of the mass media and increased consumerism, though the Opies refuted this claim.  Can it be refuted any longer? 

My approach was slanted towards today's kids being in thrall to electronic devices. Whilst it makes for a provocative image, judging by the raucous din that comes from the primary school nearby every recess I'd say that this pretty wide of the mark.
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