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A busy

APRIL 30, 2008
Businessweek. The last of my monsters-destroying-cities-illos for a while, I promise. I did propose other ideas to represent an out-of-control Wall Street (raging bull etc) but Kong won out
busy month resulting in plenty of RSI in my arm and wrist. To counter it I'm popping codeine and ibuprofen and curbing much of my superfluous typing; reining in rambling emails, Scrabulous and Drawger posts.

I know that a slideshow of recent stuff, sans commentary/ roughs makes for a dull post but, just to keep my hand in, here are a few from April's illustratothon.
For a pensions mag. Obvious imagery about corporations neglecting environmental impact but I liked the composition
'Ox Populi' For Reader's Digest Germany. An interesting brief about how 'Asking the Audience' for guesses (here, the weight of an ox) often results in a surprisingly accurate average figures
First in a series for 'People Management' Magazine, '1000000 Tiny Plays About Work' a series of tragi-comic observational pieces written as dialogue about the minutiae of life.
More from the '1000000 Plays'
...and another
Ok, so it's kind of got that disaster movie thing going on but it's not a monster destroying a city, right? This one's for a pensions magazine relaunch
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