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How to Live to 100

JUNE 4, 2008
For Time Out NY on gay life in NY
Some more busy editorial pieces from recent weeks (I will try and dig out some calmer, conceptual images to contrast)
The rough for the above
Spots to accompany the above piece ('Why Wont Drag Die?', 'Why are LGBT films so bad?' and another one I can't quite remember the idea behind)
'New Statesman' Magazine- Young People (unconcerned about) drowning in debt
Guardian Newspaper Section cover about UK rail fares being simplified
Roughs (1) for the above- tried to go for something simple to represent reduced fares (train cutting through banknote/ £ sign)...
...but they were adamant they wanted a crowd scene!
CiB Magazine- Access to information
SMT Magazine- Surveillance of employees
Roughs for the above piece
Jewish Chronicle- Secrets of reaching 100 years. AD-ed by the great (and exacting) John Belknap. The formula for longevity, apparently is 1 Exercise 2 Good food 3 A sense of belonging to a group 4 Religion 5 Love 6 An ability to adapt to change I reckon I've got three out of six. Plus pretty good genes on both sides
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