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Vacation (slight return)

JULY 8, 2008
American Lawyer- 'Breaking with Lockstep'
Another extended absence from Drawger and not much to show for it but a collection of illustrations (hey, what more could you want?) and a suntan. I took another vacation the other week, conscientiously taking with me my laptop, wacom tablet, scanner etc. My plans were scuppered by The fates making me forget my mains cable. The tiny Channel Island tax haven of Guernsey didn't have a spare on the whole island (I went door to door asking) but it was probably just as well. I don't much enjoy working away from the comforts of my studio and it gave me a chance to switch off for once.

Guernsey- my family holiday destination for most of my childhood is a bay-oo-tiful place and I'm glad to've had the chance to take my own kids there. My parents came along too for a nice piece of added continuity (and some welcome child-minding). If I had several million to hand, I'd rather like to set up home there amongst the portly tax exiles.
...and these were only one of three lots of roughs...
Portrait of author, Flannery O'Connor
For your favorite and mine, SooJin B at PLANSPONSOR, on someone siphoning off money from a fund and claiming to be investing it in a second hand submarine
Another version of the sub piece
roughs for the PLANSPONSOR ones
Jewish Living- 'Forgiveness 2.0'
Roughs for the JL piece (originally a full page)...
...but downgraded to a half page
A regular spot I've just got for UK Women's Mag, Red. This one's on- what?- slobbish, complacent male partners?
the roughs
'Don't Have Kids, I'm Telling Ya!' or something similar (for Utne Reader)
'Keeping Up With the Joneskis' (London Magazine). How wealthy metropolitan types can adjust to the credit crunch without feeling inferior to their megarich (Russian) neighbors (I know we can all relate to that, right?)
For Pete Hausler at the WSJ. Nicely AD-ed. Amusingly I ended up doing three versions with the rocket at different angles as- during the course of the day- the Dow Jones rallied
For fDI Magazine (UK). It's hackneyed imagery (going against the flow, etc) but I rather enjoyed doing it
And finally, of course you're dying to see some holiday snaps. The obligatory Guernsey cow
A Guernsey landmark. The tiny, kitsch, concrete and broken crockery shrine, The Little Chapel
The descent to the gorgeous Moulin Huet bay
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