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One of these days

AUGUST 13, 2008
A grand assignment for the legendary SJB at PLANSPONSOR. The brief? 'Exploring the criteria underlying 130/30 benchmarks. Measurement theme. Olympics will be over by the time this comes out, but you can still explore athlete performance angle. Or do something totally different.'
I’ll get back to posting something less work-y but for the moment, it’s another batch of editorial assignments for your viewing pleasure.

A thankyoukindlyma’am to the Association of Illustrators for another gold in their annual Images awards (for the Self-Promotion and my gat-packing Cat image). No photos yet online of me mugging to the camera and clasping the hand of the prize-giver (the marvellous Quentin Blake- a hero of mine). I’m grateful as always for such accolades and the show itself and the assembled throng were all lovely. Every last one of them. Hey, studiobound hermit that I am I welcome any opportunity to leave the house for a few hours these days.
the roughs
Yes folks, I have added to the Landfill-the-size-of-Rhode-Island that is already overflowing with fish-predating-other-fish illustrations. I humbly beseach your forgiveness. It won't happen again
For 'Parenting' Magazine. Dads in Charge. A subject close to my heart right now as I've been left with the kids for two weeks while my wife does a stint at her London employers. I really should go and check on them in a bit. Or oder them a pizza
The roughs
The Greenification of Honda for DB at BusinessWeek
da roughs
A self-prom image- chucking meds to chooks
A Section Cover for the Guardian Newspaper on capping your Natural Gas bills (does the steam as feverline work?)
Interesting theme about the US and how right wingers when in power actively set-out to destroy the apparatus of government
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