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Once more

SEPTEMBER 22, 2008
A Guardian section cover- 40 years of the Booker Prize
I'm phoning-in my Drawger contribution by just showing you the best of this month's editorial stuff rather than giving you too much back story.
With my regular editorial assignments being pruned by the week (yowzers) I should be able to spend more time on Drawger soon...
Away from drawing, my highlights for the month have been my daughter starting school and working my way through the Moro cookbooks (am getting a little obsessive about breadmaking).
Roughs for the above
And how it turned out: stretched a bit but all the better for it, I reckon
Postage sized coceptual spots for public sector magazine, Guardian Public. V dry, involved copy so it's always rewarding to wring out some interesting imagery: Top left- giving control to end-users Top right- NHS doom-mongers Bottow left- giving local councils control of hospital funding Bottom right- disabled users disenfranchised by the internet
Roughs for the above (few changes, you'll notice)
More Guardian Public ones: T left- co-operation between departments T right- macho, target-led management B left- monitoring private contrators B right- putting ethics above profit
One of 7 for a Financial Times supplemet called, 'How to Run a Bank'. This one's on benchmarks for fund performance
'How to Run a Bank' 2. Transaction banking is (apparently) the circulatory system of the world financial markets. Or something like that
'How to Run a Bank' 3. Risk management
'How to Run a Bank' 4. What's missing from customer experience
'How to Run a Bank' 5. Banks of the future
'How to Run a Bank'. Can't recall the subject here
roughs for the above batch...
For FT Mandate Magazine (investors ignoring the attractions of hedgefunds. I think)
A Chick-lit flavoured piece for Red Magazine
'Have we reached Peak Oil Yet?' for Fortean Times
'Urban Brawl' for Seattle Metropolitan Mag. Point and counterpoint about Car pool lanes
Gordon Brown under attack- New Statesman Magazine
1st rough (as suggested by the AD:) Brown as rather inadequate Knight on White Charger deemed too comical and negative towards GB. Brown under attack was seen as preferable
Topical: Editorial