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NOVEMBER 18, 2008
Harvard Kennedy School- A piece on the nature of political states and how they exist mainly to segregate
...'Best of' from the last few months featuring- as always- a gift of an assignment from SooJin B and a few conceptual pieces.

Away from work, I've been attending a Creative Writing workshop to spur me into action away from commissioned work.

Meeting Quentin Blake at the AOI awards in June left me rather awe-struck and determined to be more dynamic about my own work and perhaps punt myself towards the mysterious land of kid lit. Unfortunately, I seem to be reverting to (surly, apathetic) type as a student (ah, how my BFA and MFA tutors must've loved me!) and after a week of conscientious scribbling, I've been shirking homework ever since. I was even tempted last week to turn up with my arm in a sling as a excuse for not turning in yet another assignment. Who knows, once the course is through and my sullen passive-aggressiveness-in-group-situations has passed I'll knuckle down to some proper writing.

Always kind of looked forward to testing out my freewheeling storytelling skills on my kids but they're both obsessed with superheroes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so any story not featuring Michelangelo or Cap'n America soon has them booing and chucking things at me. A tough crowd, I tells ya.

The fetching tshirt snap is a design I've posted before. The illo made it's way onto a shirt in aid of solar power for hospitals in Burundi (some links to the organisers: self.org and justonefrickinday.com) thanks to my good friend Roman Milisic at House of Diehl. Cool to feel that I'm doing something worthy with v little effort. Tees can be bought here. Not as subtle or textural in print form as the original design but still perdy enough. I dig the tenuous yet plausible post-rationalisation on the JustOneFrickinDay site for using horses in the design ('The wild sub-Saharan horses representing the Eastern and Western worlds come together to show its support of the African continent seen as the emaciated shadow of the two').
roughs for the 'states' piece
PLANSPONSOR and SooJin B with another grand assignment. One word brief: 'distress' (which, apparently is also a financial term. I went for a figure somewhere between a dirty-vested Steinbeck character and a hero from Greek legend laboring under a huge rock...
PS roughs
Word on the street, Bonds are coming back (for European Pensions News)
My stock in trade at present is financial Armageddon pieces. Suicidal sheep investors, anyone?
A little stock-y but quite nicely atmospheric, I thought. About nurturing innovation
The Burundi horse tshirt. Breathable, roomy, exquisitely designed. Perfect for wearing round the house and taking photos of yourself in.
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