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DECEMBER 2, 2008
The writer observing the world as a fragmented reflection
Thought I'd try not to leave it two months between posts so here are a few recent pieces.

The first is for Brown Alumni and the excellent AD Lisa Sergi. An intriguing article by author David Shields positing the theory that Brown U Alumni writers share a certain sensibility- a self-conscious, mainstream-yet-outsider-ish stance that stems in part from Brown's reputation as the poor relation in the Ivy League. The writer seems to be projecting his own PoMo literary attitudes somewhat but it's an interesting read. The to-and-fro of ideas with the AD was very enjoyable and I'm pretty happy with the end piece where I broke out my inks and watercolour paper (naturally retreating to the comfort of Photoshop halfway through the process)
1st batch o roughs
Second lot
The others are for the Telegraph (UK newspaper) Saturday magazine and another cool AD (Danielle Campbell). It feels a bit weak posting horoscope spots (the bane of many an AD who's had to look through endless graduate folios containing student horoscope projects) but I got such a kick out of doing these and it's years since I've been asked to do one. Infact so keen was I on the goat-fish Capricorn idea I churned out funfty sketches and worked up two- both of which'll be used during the month.

And off the back of that audition assignment I got a piece on food which I again approached with slobbering puppy-dog-like enthusiasm. Any non-financial assignments feel like such a treat.

Zodiac roughs a go-go
The quest for the perfect chip (or French Fry if you insist)
Rough chips
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