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MARCH 12, 2009
Revisiting an earlier image of crowd clustering round something. Here's it's a pork pie (British culinary gem). Telegraph Magazine (AD Danielle Campbell)
...another two months slip by without a post. I feel like I've neglected to call my parents- the longer the time passes the greater the paralysing guilt.

So how've you been keeping, Mum [ok Linzie]? Here are a few editorial spots to show for my absence. I'll try and ration my total output for January and February rather than- as is my wont- splurge the whole lot on you in a single post.

Away from work, a highlight of the time since my last post was a week spent in London housesitting for friends . The family Allen were immersed in all the metropolis has to offer (culture, gridlock, knife fights). I also managed to cram in a few work assignments. All in all it was super and made me pine a bit for The Smoke, though it's fairly easy to hanker after the life of the idle aesthete holed up in a sumptuously appointed townhouse (albeit hemmed on all sides by crack house estates). Such a Flaneur's existence had very little in common with my actual London experience- 13 years served. House envy and nostalgia aside, London left me feeling very upbeat about life and work. It could simply be a case of spring arriving but I'm trying my best to maintain my unseemly (dare I say it, almost American) levels of positivity, mainlining caffeine when my newfound joi de vivre flags.

Another point of interest in February was my grandfather's funeral. Is it ghoulish or bad form to say how enjoyable a funeral was? I mean it was a sombre occasion and everything but braving arctic conditions to get to rural Oxfordshire was pretty exciting and being with my family was a peculiarly joyful experience. I'll not attempt to eulogize Richard Allen senior (1915-2009) here but he was almost certainly the source of my artistic leanings. Plus some of my wit and irrascibility.
Roughs for the above
More food stuff for the Telegraph (here Uncle Sam grinds cornmeal)
...and this one's for a baking school called 'The Lighthouse'
roughs for the above two
Stain removal (Wall St Journal, AD Sue Foster)
roughs for the above
A series of spots for some intriguing short short travellers' tales (Wanderlust Magazine, AD Graham Berridge). The roughs are too close to the finals to post
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